Our sole focus is to help clients obtain the maximum possible disability compensation benefits to which they are entitled.  If your VA Benefits have been denied, you have options.  We may be able to help.

A VA Denial Letter is just the Beginning

If you filed a benefit claim for a condition that was incurred during your service, and your claim was denied by the VA, it may be time to consider legal representation.

Every year, the Department of Veterans Affairs processes tens of thousands of benefit claims for service connected disabilities. An overwhelming majority of those claims are denied.  Many denials are incorrect, improper, and contrary to well-established legal principles. They should be appealed in order to get the veteran his or her entitled benefits.

Legal representation could mean the difference between wrongfully denied benefits, or an outright grant of your service connected disability claim.

If your current disability rating is incorrect; if your Effective Date assignment is incorrect; if you are unable to work; if you need assistance with basic activities of daily living; if your military record is incorrect – call us: 1-888-704-2211

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Call us TODAY – Veterans Disability law is complex and highly nuanced, with many time-constraints and deadlines. An experienced lawyer can help navigate those challenges.  Call us to see if we can be of assistance to you.

Thank you for your service