Veterans Disability Appeals (representing U.S. veterans nationwide) Did the VA deny your disability claim? Call us.  We help veterans throughout the appeals process, including VA Regional Offices, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims in Washington, DC.

Common issues facing veterans include:

  • Service-connection denials
  • Incorrect effective date
  • Incorrect disability ratings
  • Total Disability Due to Individual Unemployability
  • Aid & Attendance
  • Most other veterans’ disability compensation matters


  • US Court of Appeals representation:  No cost to you.
    • If you win, the Court will award attorney fees.
  • BVA, VARO proceedings:  Contingency basis.
    • If you win, we earn 20% of the retroactive award.

Federal Matters

  • Immigration Law
    • Family-based sponsorship
    • Fiance(e) visa
    • Lawful permanent residence (Green Card)
    • Citizenship
  • Trademarks/copyrights
    • USPTO registrations for business or artistic works

Pricing details depend on specific issue – schedule an appointment.

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